Terms and Dates:

  • Spring 2022
One Time Opportunity


Ami Stuart

Cornell Affiliations:

Computing and Information Science, Engineering, Veterinary Medicine, Agriculture and Life Sciences, Entrepreneurship at Cornell, Computing and Information Science


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Opportunity Description

There are few products or services with as much universal demand as food & agriculture, or where the side effects are so profound. This is your chance to understand the ecosystem and actually do something about it!

All students- any major or field of study, any degree, any year in school are invited to sign up.

Over the next few decades, a rising global population, increasing wealth, changing consumer demand and climate variation will put growing pressure on food systems. While global demand might be met through current agricultural practices in the short term, these strategies are unsustainable for the long term. Globally, agriculture demands a radical transformation.

The world’s future food systems must become more sustainable, productive, resilient and efficient. We must re-envision the way food is produced, processed and distributed, the way natural resources are used, recycled and replenished, and the way social and agricultural systems interact to support healthy individuals, communities and environment. To transform existing food systems, we must integrate knowledge from biology, ecology, engineering, business, computer and information science and the social sciences to create communication networks that enable timely response and informed decision-making at the level of the farm, community, nation and world.

The Cornell Institute for Digital Agriculture (CIDA) connects world-renowned researchers across academic boundaries with a broad range of practitioners to address food system challenges at multiple scales. CIDA is committed to fostering continuous discovery, innovation and dialogue to create sustainable agriculture and food systems while inspiring new frontiers in science, technology, policy and practice

$8,000 in cash prizes, workshops, networking, food and swag. Experiences you can talk about in interviews and put on your resume.