Students may enroll in either one or both of the following two course offerings:

GOVT 3323 European Politics (2019 dates, TBA; 3 credits)
This interdisciplinary course focuses on European politics, society, and culture. The course provides an introduction to broad themes in the political and cultural life of Europe and Italy, including war and state-building, nationalism and democratization, fascism and populism, major institutions of government, political economy, European integration, Italian political thought, and the role of Luigi Einaudi in the political life and traditions of governance in Italy.

PAM 3620 Population Controversies in Europe (2019 dates, TBA; 3 credits)
Population dynamics are central to global change in numerous areas—inequality, immigration, and diversity; race relations and conflict; family life; health and aging; and social welfare systems. This course explores the causes and consequences of population change, paying particular attention to how population processes interact with the social, economic, and political context in which they play out. Course materials are designed to engage students in contemporary debates unfolding in Europe and elsewhere concerning population "problems" and the policies intended to solve them.