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Minimum GPA: 3.00

Terms and Dates:

  • Academic Year 2018-19


Julio Gray

Cornell Affiliations:

Cornell Health


Opportunity Description

The Cornell Social Consultant program aims to promote student-driven environmental culture change at Cornell and to create a more positive sexual climate on campus. Cornell Social Consultants (CSCs) help to identify risky dynamics within their social scene, develop skills for effective interventions, and work on strategies for avoiding social problems at Cornell. CSCs concentrate on improving the campus environment and re-imagining traditional events and practices to promote mutual respect and collaboration within the Cornell community. CSCs focus on creating a fun, safe, and respectful community for their fellow students. Additionally, CSCs are involved in working with organizations that are interested in thinking about environmental changes efforts for their organizations that may reduce risk. CSCs will also provide ongoing support to organizations that requests consultation on intervention planning and implementation. This is a paid position; CSCs are expected to work three to five (3-5) hours per week.

The goals of the CSC Program are to:

  • disrupt the cultural elements that enable sexual and dating violence

  • replace them with new intentions and practices

Students in the CSC program:

  • Work within their communities to identify and implement positive shifts in their social circles. CSCs work in creative and innovative ways to nurture a safer and more enjoyable environment in which students can thrive
  • Focus on shifting patterns within social environments that may contribute to the risk of sexual violence and proactively create a more positive sexual and social culture at Cornell
  • Foster a healthier sexual environment which reduces the camouflage of sexual norms that increase the likelihood of sexual coercion and violence.


  • Attend pre-service mandatory training September 29th & 30th from 9am-5pm.
  • Attend weekly CSC staff meetings with supervisor, dates TBD.
  • Stay in communication with supervisor throughout the year as any questions, concerns, or challenges arise.
  • Be an active participant in CSC projects, programs, and meetings.
  • Facilitate programs on environmental culture change for organizations and student groups.
  • Support student organizations in creating and implementing environmental interventions to enhance the social culture of their organization.
  • Work—individually and in teams—to foster a positive campus culture:
    • Assist in the implementation of activities and events.
    • Work collaboratively on projects with student groups and organizations.
    • Initiate and implement project ideas.
    • Assist with project assessment.
  • Act as a resource and make referrals to services and support networks.
  • Complete and submit project process reports to supervisor regularly.