Minimum GPA: 3.00

Terms and Dates:

  • Spring 2020


Jenn Michael

Cornell Affiliations:

Architecture, Art and Planning


Opportunity Description

Since 1987, Cornell in Rome has offered a transformative experience for talented undergraduate artists, architecture students, and urbanists. A world-class and specialized program, Cornell in Rome is focused on instruction in the disciplines of architecture design, history, and theory; visual arts; art history; urban studies; and Italian language, history, and culture.

With a maximum enrollment of 60 students each semester and faculty who remain consistent for the duration of their stay, students benefit from an intimate environment and the opportunity to build interdisciplinary and lasting relationships with the faculty and each other.

Classes can generally be applied to Cornell graduation requirements and participation in the program does not necessarily require extra semesters of study or delay graduation. Interested Cornell students should speak with their college registrar to determine how classes will be applied toward degree requirements.

Foundations in Architecture

Beginning in the fall of 2017, Cornell in Rome is offering a semester-long architecture studio program specifically designed for visiting architecture majors in non-B.Arch. programs and/or students who may be interested in pursuing a professional graduate program in architecture and related design fields. Prior studio experience is not required, and rising second-, third-, or fourth-year students are invited to apply.

Foundations in Architecture is an intensive program that introduces students to the rich intersections of architectural, artistic, urban, and cultural practices of both historical and contemporary Rome. At the core of the program is a design studio — a class that introduces the ideas, principles, and methods of exploring architectural problems in a historically rich and culturally unique environment. A portfolio development class and electives that focus on architecture or architectural theory, visual arts, or urban studies complement the design studio.

Classes are held in concert with AAP students, including third-year B.Arch. students whose curriculum includes a semester in Rome. Visiting students and AAP students travel together on a series of field trips throughout Italy.