IESEG offers over 200 management courses in English—both campuses, generally speaking, offer the same courses. IESEG is known for the quality of its Finance, Fashion and Marketing courses.

Students can choose between “intensive” week-long courses or "extensive" semester-long courses. It is also possible to combine intensive and extensive courses. Cornell students are among the only exchange students allowed to choose courses in the IESEG MSc programs that are offered on both campuses.  Master level classes are all offered as extensive classes. Intensive classes count 1 US credit. Students are required to take 30 ECTS credits at IESEG (which will equal 15 Cornell credits).

The list of courses available for incoming exchange students can be accessed here:

Students going to IESEG should be flexible with their course selection since the final course selection and online registration will take place during IESEG’s orientation period at the beginning of the semester. However, many of the courses of the Grande Ecole Program stay the same each year.