Students pay their regular Cornell college tuition, with no added administrative fees.  Students are responsible for any additional expenses.

For more detailed information on housing and local costs, review the program’s website for incoming exchange students.  Go to the right hand bar of the main page for a link to the program website.

Estimated Budget

The Office of Global Learning prepares an individual estimated budget at the end of the semester prior to studying abroad. The estimated budget includes:

  • Charges that will appear on your bursar bill (your regular Cornell tuition)
  • Estimated additional costs  (e.g: round-trip airfare, housing, food, visa, books, and other personal expenses, paid by the student)

The Office of Global Learning will send the estimated budget to you, the Financial Aid Office (if relevant), and to your parent or guardian if you have opted to share their email as part of the application.

Financial Aid

If you are eligible for financial aid when you are on campus, you will maintain your aid eligibility when you study abroad for a semester or year. 

Your Estimated Family Contribution (EFC) will remain the same for the academic year.

Aid awards are re-packaged in order to accommodate the total expected cost of the semester/year abroad, using the estimated budget prepared by Global Learning.   If your budgeted costs are more than the cost of a semester/year at Cornell, your aid package will likely be increased.  Likewise, if your budgeted costs are less than a semester/year at Cornell, aid will be appropriately reduced to reflect your decreased need.

The work-study allocation for a semester/year abroad is converted to a loan. 

If you require assistance to pay for airfare or housing deposits prior to the release of your aid award, you should contact the Financial Aid Office.

For more general information on cost and financial aid please review the Financial Information page and our FAQ page, Going Abroad: Finances.