Pandemic Message

Pandemic Update: For updates on the current status of each opportunity, please contact the Advisor listed, or for courses, check the linked Class Roster page.


Minimum GPA: 2.75

Terms and Dates:

  • Fall 2020
  • Academic Year 2020-21
  • Spring 2021


Alayne Prine

Cornell Affiliations:

SC Johnson Business - Dyson


Opportunity Description

What is unique about this program?

Through an exchange agreement between Bocconi University in Milan and the Dyson School of Applied Economics and Management at Cornell, Dyson students may apply to enroll directly at Bocconi for a semester or a year. 

Università Bocconi is considered one of Europe’s leading educational institutions in Economics, Management, Finance and Law. The Financial Times ranked the business school 6th in Europe, the MSc in International Management 11th and the MSc in Finance 9th worldwide and the full-time MBA 22nd worldwide and 9th in Europe. Bocconi has bilateral agreements with over 260 top-ranked partner schools worldwide and exchanges over 1700 students every year.

The International Student Desk at Bocconi provides information and support to incoming exchange students. 

What is unique about Milan?

Milan is one of the EU's and the world's major financial and business centers. It is known as the economic and production capital of Italy and the leading Italian hub for services, finance and industry. Milan is the engine of the country's economy and home of the Italian stock exchange. This cosmopolitan, modern and forward-looking city is world-renowned as a European capital of fashion, design, architecture, publishing, modern art and music. 

Bocconi University is a city campus, an integral part of urban life and just five minutes away from the city center via public transport.

How do I apply?

Step One: Meet with Advisors in Dyson or the Office of Global Learning
•  The Student Services Office in Dyson will review your plans to study abroad and can help with timing of study aboad, course selection, and more

• Your Program Advisor in the Office of Global Learning can help you compare programs and learn more about requirements, the experience abroad, and more.  Ask any questions you might have so the advisor can help you select the program that fits your interests best 

• Continue with your research, and finalize your decision

Step Two: Apply to the Dyson Exchange program
•  Click the "Apply" button on this webpage and complete the application for Cornell approval. Exchange places are filled on a rolling basis.  To increase your chances of being nominated for the exchange, apply early.

•  As part of your application, identify courses you are interested in taking abroad for approval by Dyson Student Services.  Proposed courses for major/concentration credit will be reviewed by the Student Services Team and Dyson faculty.

•  Once your application is approved, the Office of Global Learning will nominate you to the exchange partner. 

Step Three: Apply to the Exchange Partner as a Nominated Student
•   Complete the host/partner institution’s online application 

Note: Students nominated for an exchange cannot have an active application to another program.