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Terms and Dates:

  • Fall 2019

Cornell Affiliations:

Engaged Cornell


NS 6250


Opportunity Description

NS 6250 Community Nutrition in Action

Provides students enrolled as dietetic interns with supervised, in-depth experiences in a community nutrition program and fosters the integration of research, theory, and practice. Through placements in community programs, students gain experience in program administration and in assessing, designing, implementing, and evaluating food and nutrition programs for targeted populations through public and private organizations. In weekly seminars (and other seminars and observations as arranged) students integrate theory and practice, reflect upon their placement experience, learn about community nutrition research, and explore the many issues facing community food and nutrition practitioners.


  • Identify indicators and measure outcomes appropriate for food and nutrition services and programs.
  • Apply evidence-based guidelines; conduct systematic reviews and scientific literature in the nutrition care process model and other areas of dietetics practice.
  • Develop nutrition care plan for population groups across the lifespan, i.e., infants through geriatric and a diversity of people, cultures, and religions.
  • Develop and demonstrate effective communications skills using oral, print, visual, electronic and mass media for community based food and nutrition.
  • Relate organizational processes and tools applied in human resource functions of community nutrition agencies.
  • Apply systems theory and a process approach in organizational decision–making, planning, and goal setting.
  • Differentiate between public and private policies; processes involved in development and impact on public health, the food supply, food security, and community food systems.
  • Design and supervise quality improvement, including systems and customer satisfaction, for community dietetics practice.
  • Use current informatics technology to develop, store, retrieve and disseminate information and data.
  • Think critically and critique the impact of food, nutrition, nutrition education and the food system on public health.

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