Pandemic Message

Pandemic Update: For updates on the current status of each opportunity, please contact the Advisor listed, or for courses, check the linked Class Roster page.


College/School Eligibility:

  • Agriculture and Life Sciences
  • Architecture, Art and Planning
  • Arts and Sciences
  • Computing and Information Science
  • Continuing Education
  • Cornell Tech
  • Engineering
  • Graduate School
  • Human Ecology
  • Industrial and Labor Relations
  • Law
  • SC Johnson Business - Dyson
  • SC Johnson Business - Hotel
  • SC Johnson Business - Johnson
  • Veterinary Medicine

Class Year Eligibility:

  • Second Year (undergrad)
  • Third Year (undergrad)
  • Fourth Year + (undergrad)

Open to:

  • Non-Cornell Students
  • Cornell University students are not eligible to apply.
  • If you have already participated in a CNF, CTECH, KEP, NNCI, NNUN / NNIN, or PARADIM REU Program, you are NOT eligible to participate again.
  • You must be a U.S.A. Citizen or Permanent Resident of the United States
  • You must be 18 years of age or older by May 31, 2020
  • You must be a sophomore NOW or higher (First Year Students are NOT eligible), but you must not be graduating before the end of the program in August 2020
  • You must have valid health insurance coverage for the summer
  • You must not have earned a four-year degree of any kind

 Frequently Asked Questions

  1. We do not require an official transcript as part of your application. If you are accepted, we will supply instructions for getting an official transcript to us expediently. Your internship award will be contingent on your declared coursework matching the coursework in your official transcript.
  2. Application Materials: We log and file all the materials we receive -- whether or not we know we are going to receive them and whether or not we have an application to which to attach them. We hang onto all materials until well after the application deadline. We will let you know as soon as possible if your application is not complete. Please refrain from emailing to ask!
  3. Application Submission: You MUST upload your essay as the final step to submit your application, and you MUST upload your essay by the ONLINE APPLICATION DEADLINE. If no essay is uploaded by the ONLINE APPLICATION DEADLINE, then your application does not exist and ergo, will not be included in the award process.
  4. Application Confirmation & Completion: Once we receive your online application components, I (Melanie-Claire) will send you a confirmation email and let you know whether or not I have your required recommendations. One week before the FINAL APPLICATION DEADLINE, I will email the students whose application is incomplete to apprise them of still missing recommendation(s). Again, please refrain from emailing to ask! I will definitely let you know.
  5. Essay: Your personal essay is critical to our selection process. It is through your words that we ascertain your 'fit' with our program. Please submit a well-written essay, 1-2 pages long, in which you discuss the relationship between your present studies and a career in engineering or scientific research. As preparation, you may wish to discuss your career interests with one or more professors, and include any insights you gain from these discussions, and any other sources, which explain how this program might help you prepare for your future. Be sure to discuss any research field you are most interested in. If you do not believe your grades reflect your potential, please explain them in this essay. The formatting of your ESSAY is, in fact, ENTIRELY up to you, but we do have a few suggestions! Try using Times, font size 12, one inch margin all around, TWO pages maximum. Single space is fine as long as you use a SIZE 12 font. Any size smaller is too hard to read when one is reading hundreds of essays. CRITICAL: Put your FULL NAME as a footer on every page, along with the page number. Finally, do NOT include your social security number anywhere in your essay or any other document. It is illegal for us to distribute SS#s.
  6. Resume, 1-2 pages: This resume should focus on your scientific achievements and activities. Note any honors and awards that you have received that are relevant, as well as any prior research experience. Put your FULL NAME at the top of your resume. As an aside here, if possible, PDF your resume and upload the PDF. The often intricate formatting of resumes is sometimes lost when uploaded as a Word document. Finally, please do NOT include your social security number anywhere in your resume.
  7. Permanent Residents: If you are a citizen of another country AND a Permanent Resident of the United States, your application must include a copy of your Green Card, BOTH SIDES. Email that directly to me, as a .doc, .docx, or .pdf, and name the file "YourLastNameGreenCard" -- you may also snail mail or fax it to me. Whatever works best for you. We will black out your resident number and will not send it on to anyone. (If you are NOT a citizen or Permanent Resident of the United States, then we are sorry to say that you are not eligible for our program.)
  8. If you need to start the program late or leave early, you MUST put a note in your essay clearly stating that you have a schedule conflict with our program dates, and then we can figure out if it's possible to work around that conflict. It is not an instant death-knell to your application! But if we make you an offer and you admit THEN that you can't make the beginning or end of the program, you may very well be disqualified just for that omission alone. So tell us, up front, in your essay, if you have a scheduling conflict.
  9. Project Summaries: We do not have more exact project information for you to peruse ahead of time. Students are selected for particular projects by the project leader based primarily upon THEIR needs and THEN, the applicant's research preferences (as rated on your application) and experience (as reflected in your essay).
  10. First year college students, high school students, recent high school graduates, and Cornell University students are NOT eligible.