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COVID-19 Update: For updates on the current status of each opportunity, please contact the Advisor listed, or for courses, check the linked Class Roster page.


College/School Eligibility:

  • Agriculture and Life Sciences
  • Architecture, Art and Planning
  • Arts and Sciences
  • Computing and Information Science
  • Cornell Tech
  • Engineering
  • Graduate School
  • Human Ecology
  • Industrial and Labor Relations
  • Law
  • SC Johnson Business - Dyson
  • SC Johnson Business - Hotel
  • SC Johnson Business - Johnson
  • Veterinary Medicine

Class Year Eligibility:

  • First Year (undergrad)
  • Second Year (undergrad)
  • Third Year (undergrad)
  • Fourth Year + (undergrad)

Open to:

  • Cornell Graduate/Professional Students

*Any project that proposes student travel to an international destination deemed to be an elevated-risk destination by the International Travel Advisory & Response Team (ITART), must obtain ITART pre-travel approval per Policy 8.5.  If applicable, we encourage you to contact for a consultation early on in your planning to increase the likelihood of ITART approval.*

Engaged Cornell: Community-Engaged Student Travel Grant Program

Grants typically not to exceed $1500 per individual (winter/summer) or $750 per individual (spring) to support students participating in service-learning and/or community-based research activities domestically or internationally. The goal of the program is to make engaged learning experiences financially accessible for students across the university and to help ensure that the cohort of participants in engaged learning experiences more fully represent the diversity at Cornell.


  • Funding available for winter, spring or summer break;
  • Full-time, registered Cornell undergraduate and graduate students in good academic standing;
  • Students are limited to one community engagement grant per semester;
  • Students in their final semester of school are not eligible to apply for funds;
  • Students may not receive funds to support community engagement taking place after their graduation from Cornell.
  • Students may not use funds for non-refundable program fees or tuition costs.

Additional Details:
The Community-Engaged Student Travel Grant (CESTG) program seeks to promote the quality of the engaged learning experiences it funds by facilitating trip preparation, critical reflection, and knowledge retention in order to assist students in their academic, personal, and professional development. Through CESTG, Engaged Cornell supports students who seek to apply their unique skills to make substantive contributions to communities, while practicing critical reflection to understand the complex issues surrounding service-learning and public engagement. The program encourages students to integrate lessons learned from their engaged learning experiences into their curricular and co-curricular lives at Cornell.

If you receive Engaged Cornell funding:
In addition to benefiting individual students funded by the Community-Engaged Student Travel Grant, Engaged Cornell also seeks to benefit others by facilitating the dissemination of knowledge about high-quality community engagement within and outside the broader Cornell community. Toward this end, each grant recipient is required to:

  • Submit reflections during engagement, a final report, photographs, and social media posts to Engaged Cornell to be disseminated publicly and shared with funders;
  • Attend a pre- and post-engagement workshop;
  • Present at the annual Community Engagement Showcase.

Global Learning: Student Travel Grants

The Office of Global Learning provides sponsorship to undergraduate and graduate students to support international travel associated with the student's course of study. The goal of the grant is to make international experiences financially accessible to all students across the University.


  • Funding available for winter, spring or summer break;
  • This opportunity is available to full-time, registered undergraduates from all of Cornell’s colleges OR full-time, registered graduate student pursuing the following degrees: Professional degrees, business, law, medicine, and veterinary medicine
  • Demonstrated financial need;
  • Participate on a formal curricular, for-credit, international experience during winter break, spring break, or summer.

Additional Details:

  • Sponsorship covers international airfare costs only;
  • Students who have received funding from other sources for their international travel are not eligible for duplicate funding;
  • Students are not eligible to apply for funds to be used during their final semester or during the summer term following their final year.

Office of Academic Diversity Initiatives (OADI)

The Office of Academic Diversity Initiatives (OADI) is focused on inclusion and achievement across the Cornell campus so students of all backgrounds excel at their academic goals. OADI programs especially support low-income students, those who are the first in their families to achieve a college degree, under-represented students of color, and non-traditional students.

The OADI Student Funding Program provides funding for students in OADI programs and former prefreshmen the opportunity to engage in experiences that connect to and prepare them for academic and professional and career goals. Sponsorship covers off-campus domestic and international travel.

Eligibility (if eligible for this funding, please select the appropriate program(s) of which you are a member. If you were in the Prefreshman Summer Program, you do not need to indicate that; however, please select the other OADI program that you are a part of):

  • Funding available for winter, spring or summer break.
  • Funds must be used while still registered as a full-time student.
  • This opportunity is available to active members of OADI programs, including the Pre-Professional Programs (P3), OADI’s Student Opportunity Programs (HEOP/EOP and POSSE), McNair Scholars Program, OADI Research Scholars Program, OADI First in Class Mobilizers, Gates Millennium Scholars Program, Say Yes Scholars, and the Jack Kent Cook Scholars. Students who participate in the Prefreshman Summer Program are also eligible to apply for OADI funding.
  • Applications may also be considered from students who are not yet officially participating in these programs but who are generally active with OADI and who need assistance with activities, programs or fields in which they are underrepresented. Students who are “generally active” have utilized OADI’s resources/services (beyond the computer lab) or attended our general events at least five times in the past six months. Undergraduate student veterans are also eligible to apply.
  • Students must be in good standing with their OADI program and with their college.
  • Students may only receive OADI funding once every academic year. The academic year starts when classes start in the fall. If you received OADI funding in the past academic year, you will not be eligible until the next academic year (starting in the fall semester). You may also reach for referrals to different funding sources. Please see the OADI Individual Student Funding page for additional information.

If you receive OADI funding:

  • You are required to attend a briefing workshop, details to be included in OADI award letter, which will be sent after the OCOF award letter. Failure to attend the briefing workshop will result in forfeiture of OADI funding.
  • The Evaluation (reflection statement, completed budget/expenditures spreadsheet, and receipts) are required within two weeks of the conclusion of the experience. The reflection statement must include the impact of the grant on your academic/career goals. Students who submit outstanding reflection statements will be invited by the funding committee to present at the OADI Tuesday Lunch Engagement on November 5, 2019 or April 21, 2020.
  • It is your responsibility to keep all original receipts or invoices for expenses you personally incur for travel (including boarding pass stub), lodging, food, and any other costs associated with the proposed activity. We will request that you submit these receipts to us after the experience is complete. Failure to submit receipts when requested will result in funding being rescinded.
  • Expenditures may not deviate from the original proposed use of funding outlines in the award letter; all expenditures must be accounted for. Failure to adhere to the award letter parameters will forfeit any promised funds.
  • If you receive funds that cover a non-refundable deposit for an opportunity and you do not participate in the opportunity, you will be require to return the funds used to pay the deposit.
  • Funds may only be applied to the opportunity that has been approved. Should you have any change in plans and/or will no longer require total funds awarded, it is your responsibility to immediately inform the OADI Funding Committee so that we can offer funds to other students. Failure to communicate any changes in a timely manner may affect your possibility of receiving future funds from OADI and may possibly result in funding being rescinded.


What is the selection criteria used?

Eligible applicants must submit a complete application to be considered by our review committee.  Following the deadline completed applications will be reviewed and decisions made based on the student's financial need (drawn from both the student's financial aid records as well as details provided in the application) and the merit of the application and proposed project or international experience.  

What is the average award amount?  

Typically, the combined total award amount for a successful applicant is in the range of $500 to $2,000.  Some students, despite completing the full OCOF application, may not actually be eligible for funding or may qualify for a smaller award of approximately $250 - $500. The total allotment to be awarded for a given cycle is dependent on the budgets of each of the three funding units that have been set aside for OCOF.  Engaged Cornell typically does not award more than $1,500. Awards from the Global Learning: Student Travel Grant vary and are based on the cost of airfare for the student's international experience.  

I missed the deadline, can I still apply? 

To be fair to all other applicants, OCOF does not accept late applications.  This is also true for incomplete applications after the deadline. All applications must be submitted fully complete by the time of the deadline. 

How do I receive the money if I receive an OCOF award? 

After notification of having received an award, you will be requested to confirm that you are participating in your off-campus opportunity/program and would like to accept the funds.  Once we receive your confirmation, funds will be transferred directly to your Bursar account in approximately 2-3 weeks.  Some delays may occur if there are any change in places to your proposed experience abroad.