Terms and Dates:

  • Spring Break 2018
  • Summer 2018
  • Winter 2019

Cornell Affiliations:

Global Learning


Opportunity Description

The Off-Campus Opportunities Fund (OCOF) is a common application for students seeking financial support for off-campus experiences. OCOF is predominantly for short-term programs when financial aid is less available. The fund consolidates the application and awarding process of four previously distinct grants offered through the following central units: 

Cornell Commitment is coordinating closely with the units listed above and encourages students participating in Commitment programs (Tradition, Meinig, Rawlings) to talk with their Program Director for guidance on using their support account as well as considering the OCOF opportunities.  Please see the Commitment website for deadlines and information.

Students are asked to submit an online application, in which they identify the grants they are eligible to apply for (according to eligibility criteria displayed in Requirements).  The initiative increases access to information and simplifies the application process for students, while allocating funding in a more efficient, inclusive and equitable way.