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Minimum GPA: 3.00

Terms and Dates:

  • Summer 2019


Cindy Tarter

Cornell Affiliations:

Agriculture and Life Sciences, Dyson School


Opportunity Description

Global Fellows Program The College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (CALS) Global Fellows Program supports CALS undergraduate students from any major in pursuit of challenging, professionally-focused summer internships that enhance and complement their career goals and academic progress, while enriching their undergraduate experience with diverse cultural and international immersion. Through key partnerships, the Global Fellows Program provides a platform for students to make positive and definable contributions to global organizations and communities.

The program offers placement opportunities across five continents and includes locations such as India, Sydney, Bangkok, Singapore, Portugal, Malawi, Ecuador, and Hungary, to name a few. Click to view all summer 2019 internships.

Acceptance to the program is competitive and a limited number of students are selected each year. Fellows receive professional development, logistical; and financial support up to $5,000.

The program goals are to provide Fellows with:
  1. An international, professional experience;

  2. Opportunities to build relationships with professionals in their field/industry; and contribute to that field;

  3. Increased understanding of international business, politics, and culture;

  4. Two 1-credit courses (before and after the internship) that serve as a forum for preparation and critical reflection;

  5. Advising and support from professional program staff, even when student is out-of-country;

  6. Abroad supervision and feedback from a professional with expertise and background in that field; and

  7. Skills that are transferable to a variety of professional settings, along with the ability to articulate those skills.

Program and Placements

The program includes three parts:
  1. One-credit pre-internship courses held during the second half of spring semester (8 weeks). Topics will include: making the most of your experiential learning opportunity, working in multi-cultural environments, preparing for a successful placement, health, safety and expectations abroad, and critical self-reflection. 

  2. Supervised summer internship, minimum of 8 weeks, in international setting.

  3. One-credit post-internship course to provide students with opportunity to synthesize learning abroad, generate a report, and present outcomes to the CALS community.
CALS-Exclusive Curated Placements:

Selected students are placed in a wide range of curated internships, which are exclusively arranged by CALS, across four continents in over twelve different countries with distinct CALS-connected partners.

All Global Fellows Program placements are in organizations and institutions with clearly defined professional fields of practice. For each internship, we provide an overview of the type of projects and duties that interns may support and enact. While some internships have predefined expectations and roles, several are with partners who have multiple ongoing and fluid projects that require interns who are flexible and proactive within a particular context. A few of our internship partners will support Fellows throughout the Spring semester to finalize their placement in an organization, company or research lab with a focus that matches their interests. It is key then, that students clearly articulate their personal and professional objectives throughout the application process, and if selected as a Fellow, contribute meaningfully to the matching phase.