Pandemic Message

COVID-19 Update: For updates on the current status of each opportunity, please contact the Advisor listed, or for courses, check the linked Class Roster page.


Academic Calendar

Each semester at KU is divided into two blocks. There are 4 blocks per academic year. Block 1 and 2 are in the Fall semester and block 3 and 4 are in the Spring semester.

Fall Semester:

  • Orientation: Late August
  • Semester Begins: Early September
  • Semester Ends: Late January (can end sooner depending on course selection)

Spring Semester:

  • Orientation: Late January
  • Semester Begins: Early February
  • Semester Ends: Late June (can end sooner depending on course selection)
  • Students who need to return in time for a summer internship should plan their schedule accordingly between the two semester blocks. For example, 2 courses in block 3 and a 15 ECTS course that begins halfway through block 3 and ends in May in block 4.

For exact program dates, reference the full academic calendarKU explains more about the block structure, credits, and teaching structures.


When applying to the University of Copenhagen (KU), students will choose a specific faculty and will take their courses within that faculty. 

The following faculties (=colleges) at Copenhagen University (KU) are open to exchange students

  • Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences
  • Faculty of Humanities
  • Faculty of Law
  • Faculty of Science
  • Faculty of Social Sciences
  • Faculty of Theology

The following fields are not offered at  KU:
Business, Accounting, Financing, Marketing, Management, Engineering, Design, Architectural Design, Medicine

Updated information on courses offered in English will be available 2- 3 months prior to the start of each semester.
To see what courses are offered at KU, review the course catalog. Each faculty (college) will have a specific registration process. If an international undergraduate exchange student has a solid academic background in a particular subject area, they may be accepted into Master level courses at the University of Copenhagen. The decision lies with the relevant department of study. Students can also enroll in Danish culture courses specifically designed for exchange students.

The University of Copenhagen and CALS require exchange students to take on a course load of 30 ECTS (15 US credits) per semester. CALS Exchange students also have to enroll in the pre-semester Danish course or the Danish class offered throughout the semester. 

A credit hour equivalency and grading scale conversion chart is available for reference.