Academic Calendar

Fall Semester:

  • Semester Begins: Mid-September
  • Semester Ends: Late-December

Spring Semester:

  • Semester Begins: Late January
  • Semester Ends: Mid-May

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CALS Exchange students have to enroll in the equivalent of 15 US credit hours. All students are advised to be as flexible as possible with their module requirements. There are no guarantees for any modules at UCD, and some modules are in high demand and will be difficult to register for. The language of instruction at UCD is English. You can find a list of available course here.

Courses Taken In previous Semesters

Below is a list of courses taken in previous years for reference and not a list of course offerings. There is no guarantee of course availability. Courses are listed in alphabetical order by the subject and course code at UCD. The majors that students were in while abroad are in ( ).!W_HU_MENU.P_PUBLISH?p_tag=COURSESEARCH

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  • AERD30210: Food and Agricultural Policy (ANSCI)                    
  • AERD40040: Food and Agribusiness Strategy (ANSCI, AGSCI)                    
  • AESC10010: Land Use and the Environment (ANSCI, E&S)                    
  • AESC20050: Applied Zoology (Food Science)
  • AESC20060: Soil Science Basics (Plant Sciences, ANSCI, AGSCI, Interdisciplinary Studies)
  • AESC20070: Soil Resources (ANSCI)                                  
  • AESC30080: Agri-Environmental Issues and Policy (ANSCI, AGSCI, E&S)             
  • AESC30220: Soil Science Applications (AGSCI) 
  • AESC40150: Wildlife Conservation (ANSCI, E&S)                        
  • ANSC30020: Animal Breeding I (ANSCI)                                
  • ANSC30030: Animal Genomics (ANSCI, AGSCI)                                  
  • ANSC30040: Animal Nutrition II (ANSCI)
  • ANSC30120: Non-Ruminant Animal Production (Swine & Poultry) (ANSCI)                               
  • ANSC30130: Principles of Animal Health, Behaviour and Welfare (ANSCI)  
  • ANSC30170: Animal Physiology I (ANSCI)                          
  • ANSC30210: Equine Industries (ANSCI)                                 
  • ANSC30220: Equine Health and Husbandry (ANSCI)                   
  • ANSC30250: Equine Genetics (ANSCI)                                   
  • ANSC30350: Equine Nutrition (ANSCI)                            
  • ARCH20170: Discovering Ireland: Landscape (Bio and Society, AGSCI)                    
  • BIOL10070: Biology for the Modern World (ANSCI)                                                                             
  • BIOL30010:  Plant Diseases: Biology and Control (Plant Sciences)   
  • BOTN30050: Diversity of Plant Form and Function (Nutritional Sciences)    
  • CCIV10040: Vikings in the Celtic World (ANSCI)                        
  • COMP10030: Algorithmic Problem Solving (Info Sci.)                       
  • COMP30040: Networks and Internet Systems (Info Sci.)                       
  • CPSC30050: Organic Agriculture                        
  • IRST30150: Ireland Uncovered (Info Sci, Plant Sciences, ANSCI, Bio and Society, Biological Sciences, Biometry and Statistics, AGSCI, Interdisciplinary Studies)
  • CPSC20020: Fundamentals of Arable Crop Production (Plant Sciences, AGSCI)
  • CPSC20030: Principles of Crop Science (Plant Sciences, Food Science)                       
  • CPSC20040: Physiological Plant Ecology (Plant Sciences, AGSCI)                        
  • CPSC30030: Root and Alternative Conventions (Plant Sciences)                   
  • CPSC30050: Organic Agriculture (Interdisciplinary Studies)
  • DRAM10010: Theatre Context and Conventions (Plant Sciences)          
  • FDSC10010: Food Diet and Health (Interdisciplinary Studies)       
  • FDSC20110: Food Diet & Health II – Making Healthy Food Choices (ANSCI)
  • FOR10020: Tress and Forests in Ireland (Biological Sciences: Human Nutrition) 
  • FOR20100: Applied Biostatistics (ANSCI)                                              
  • FOR20110: Forests, Climate and Carbon (Food Science)   
  • FOR20120: Apiculture - Bees, Pollination and People (ANSCI)                 
  • FS20130: History of Television – Production Cultures: TV History (Bio and Society)                              
  • GEOG10100: People, Places, Regions (Biology and Society)                           
  • GRC10140: Classical Myth: An Introduction (Biology and Society) 
  • HIS10070: The Making of Modern Europe: 1500-2000 (Plant Sciences)
  • HIS20780: History of Science (Plant Sciences)                             
  • HNUT40240: Food Regulation (Nutritional Sciences)                                 
  • HORT20070: Agricultural Botany (ANSCI)                              
  • HORT30050: Landscape Trees and Shrubs (Interdisciplinary Studies)                  
  • IRST30150: Ireland Uncovered (Bio and Society, E&S)                                 
  • LANG10170: French General Purposes I (ANSCI)                             
  • LANG10230: Spanish General Purposes I (Nutritional Sciences)                  
  • PHIL10100: Existentialism and Humanism: An Introduction to Continental Philosophy (Food Science)  
  • PHIL10040: Introduction to Ethics (ANSCI)                   
  • PHIL41280: Feminist & Gender Theory (Nutritional Sciences)   
  • PHYC10070: Foundations of Physics (ANSCI)                            
  • PHYC10080: Frontiers of Physics (Food Science)                       
  • PSY30340: Human Intelligence and Personality (Bio and Society)                
  • RDEV20030: Applied Economic Analysis (ANSCI)
  • RDEV30160: Food Poverty and Policy (E&S)                        
  • SCI20020: Intro to Project Management (Nutritional Sciences)           
  • STAT30080: Models-Survival Models (Nutritional Sciences)                         
  • STAT30090: Models-Stochastic Models (Nutritional Sciences)                        
  • ZOOL20020: Animal Behaviour (ANSCI, Nutritional Sciences)   
  • ZOOL30030: Evolutionary Biology (E&S)