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Minimum GPA: 3.00

Terms and Dates:

  • Academic Year 2020-21
  • Fall 2020
  • Spring 2021


Jessica Hawkey

Cornell Affiliations:

Agriculture and Life Sciences


The best thing about my semester abroad: "The ability to be in a new environment and really challenge myself." Rachel, SP16, Major: Food Science

How did your semester abroad change your perspective? "I was exposed to such a diversity of culture and wealth through Singapore and the other countries that I visited." Dylan, SP13, Major: Biological Engineering

Opportunity Description

Since 1954, CALS has offered their students unique opportunities to study abroad via the CALS Exchange program. CALS students are able integrate themselves into a partner university abroad, taking classes and living alongside degree-seeking students. The CALS Exchange programs are rooted in, and in many cases designed by, CALS faculty affiliated to an international academic institution or university department that complements your academic program. Students who have previously gone on exchange have found it to be a rewarding experience as it has added an international dimension to their degree, challenged them academically and facilitated the development of new skills, and enhanced their personal growth and self-confidence. 

This exchange program is recommended for undergraduate students majoring in Biology, Development Sociology, Entomology, Environment and Sustainability, Food Science, Landscape Architecture, or Plant Science. Students in majors outside of those recommended may also be able to participate, depending on your interests and academic needs.

What is unique about the program?

A leading global university centered in Asia, the National University of Singapore (NUS) offers a global approach to education and research with a focus on Asian perspectives and expertise. NUS was founded in 1905 and is today Singapore’s flagship university, widely seen as among the best universities in Asia and the world. According to the Times Higher Education World University Ranking 2019, NUS is 2nd in Asia and 23rd in the world. 

NUS offers a distinctively Asian and global experience that is grounded in maximizing the potential of students. Take advantage of attending a comprehensive university with 14 faculties (colleges) offering courses from Food Science to Entomology and Business or by taking courses outside your major, including in Asian languages, cultures and history. NUS also has three Research Centres of Excellence (RCE) and 23 university-level research institutes and centers. The student body consists of approximately 27,500 undergraduate and 10,000 graduate students, and over 2,300 faculty members. 

You can read more about this program on the NUS website and here

What is unique about Singapore?

Singapore, is a city-state and a gateway to South East Asia, with Indonesia to its East and Malaysia directly north. Singapore has four official languages: English, Malay, Mandarin, and Tamil. English is the common language of the nation and is the language of business, and education. Singapore is the world's fourth-leading financial center, a global commerce, finance and transport hub, and its port is one of the five busiest in the world. While it is one of the smallest countries in Southeast Asia, it is also one of the most prosperous. CALS students have also enjoyed the fact that it is possible to drive 10 minutes from the city center to trek through a tropical rainforest, with more species of flora than in the whole of North America.. 

Past Participants

We encourage you to reach out to past participants with inquiries regarding your host country and their experiences. The advisor would be happy to introduce you via email.

To read more about past participants experiences in Singapore, visit the following links:

  • Genevieve (participated spring 2015) – blog
  • Photos

Student Testimonials

"Overall, I had a great exchange experience in Singapore. The city was very culturally interesting but still had lots of comforts of home. I really felt like I had a good understanding of the daily life of students in Singapore as I lived and took classes with them. Lastly, the city is a wonderful (and safe and clean) location for exploring the rest of Southeast Asia. Exploring cities like Hanoi and Hong Kong and seeing tropical paradises like Boracay and Phuket was fantastic. I feel like I really experienced and saw so many cultures that are especially foreign to most people in America. To experience the culinary specialties, religion, art, and architecture of Southeast Asia was amazing. However, I may never have had the opportunity to experience all of those different cultures and places if I did not choose to study abroad in Singapore." Anna, SP12, Major: Food Science

How do I apply?

Step One: Attend a CALS Study Abroad 101 Session
•  These meetings cover policies and factors to consider when selecting a program, the study abroad application and approval process, and other important information. You can find the schedule here.

Step Two: Meet with a CALS Exchange Advisor
•  The CALS exchange advisor meets personally with every student interested in going on an exchange. In this meeting, you will have the opportunity to ask any questions you might have and the advisor will help you select the program that fits your interests best. Appointments can be made here.

Step Three:  Application
•  Apply for the CALS Exchange Program by clicking on the "Apply" button on this webpage. You can apply on a rolling basis until the application deadline listed on this webpage
•   As part of your application, you need to get the proposed courses you want to take abroad signed off by your major advisor AND a CALS advisor 

Step Four: Nomination
•  Once your application is complete, our office will contact you with next steps.

For additional information on this program please refer to the NUS website.