Pandemic Message

Pandemic Update: For updates on the current status of each opportunity, please contact the Advisor listed, or for courses, check the linked Class Roster page.



CALS Exchange students have to enroll in the equivalent of 15 US credit hours. All students are advised to be as flexible as possible with their module requirements. There are no guarantees for any modules at HKUST, and some modules are in high demand and will be difficult to register for. The language of instruction at HKUST is English. 

Course offerings vary each term but are all designed to provide an enriching learning experience in a stimulating international environment. Courses of particular interest to CALS Students might include: Accounting; Economics; Finance; Global Business; Marketing; Information Systems; Operations Management; and Management of Organizations.

For Business Course Outlines, Credits, and Pre-Requisite Requirements, you may check under the homepage of respective departments listed on the Business School website: Some departments will have detailed course outlines posted.

  • Exchange students have the same freedom in course selection as regular students. While the curriculum will be focused in the business school, students may be able to take one course in a different discipline, if desired. All courses are open to exchange students, as long as all pre-requisites have been met.
  • Students are expected to take at least 15 credits during their semester but may not go above 18 credits. Class formats may vary and students may be graded on anything from case analyses and presentations to papers exams and projects. Class attendance is mandatory and participation is part of a student’s grade. Finals take place in the last two weeks of the semester; students are required to stay until the end of the finals period.

Courses Taken In Previous Semesters

Below is a list of courses taken in previous years for reference and not a list of course offerings. There is no guarantee of course availability. Courses are listed in alphabetical order by the subject and course code at HKUST. Courses can be found here

  • ENVR 3210: Environmental Technology                      
  • ENVR 3310: Green Business Strategy                          
  • HART 1036: Introduction to Graphic Design                  
  • HART 1042: Ink and Color- Experiencing Chinese Painting
  • LABU 2060: Effective Communication in Business             
  • LANG 1120: Chinese for Non-Chinese Language Background Students I        
  • MARK 4450: Brand Management                            
  • MGMT 2010: Business Ethics and the Individual                
  • MGMT 2130: Business Ethics and Social Responsibility       
  • MGMT 3160: Environmental Business Strategies                 
  • SOSC 1270: International Law