Terms and Dates:

  • Summer 2019
One Time Opportunity


Lindsay Goodale

Cornell Affiliations:

Agriculture and Life Sciences, Cornell Cooperative Extension


Worksite Location: CCE Madison County

Opportunity Description

There are currently over 130,000 horses categorized as recreation animals in New York State (New York State Equine Industry 2012 Economic Impact Study), with over 14,000 horses in commercial horse enterprises and nearly 100,000 horses owned by private farm owners. Because most of the owners of these horses classified as recreation animals own small farms and stables rather than commercial horse enterprises, they often do not have access to many resources that larger organizations enjoy.

In 2002, Dr. Lyda Denney (NYS Dept. of Ag and Markets State Veterinarian) created the first ever NYS Horse Health Assurance Program (NYSHHAP) to address this need. The program received national attention when launched and resulted in approximately 75 NYSHHAP-accredited facilities. However, upon Dr. Denney’s retirement, the program was eliminated and has not, as of yet, been reinstated. 

Our CCE intern would take one of the first steps towards creating a uniform evaluation program for these small farms that could provide NYS horse owners and equine facility managers with feedback and resources for improvement. The intern would integrate information gained from literature review, comparable state programs for other species, and NYS horse facility owners to begin to formulate a comprehensive and holistic equine facility and horse management evaluation program. Ultimately the program could be formalized and offered as a tool to small horse farm operators in NYS to improve, and potentially certify, their farm through CCE.