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Terms and Dates:

  • Academic Year 2019-20

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Opportunity Description

The AWARE travel grant provides up to $2,500 to support graduate student research within the scope of the AWARE mission. The number and amount of awards made depend on the number of applications and the amount of funding requested. The AWARE travel grant is only available for currently matriculated Cornell University graduate students. Graduate students of any kind are free to apply (e.g., MPS, MSc, MA, PhD).

AWARE (Advancing Women in Agriculture through Research and Education) is a cross-cutting gender initiative formally established by the Office of International Programs, CALS (IP-CALS) in 2012 to ensure that gender is addressed across IP-CALS' entire portfolio of activities - from academics based at Cornell to research projects being carried out in the developing world that serve women farmers and improve their families' livelihoods. AWARE is built on the belief that focusing on women in agriculture as an underserved majority holds the greatest potential to improve food security, reduce poverty, and positively impact rural development in developing countries.