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Terms and Dates:

  • Fall 2020

Cornell Affiliations:

Office of Engagement Initiatives


ILRID 4635


Opportunity Description

ILRID 4635 The Fight Against Unemployment: Advocacy and Policy

Unemployment is damaging to individuals, families, and society. Governments around the world have attempted to mitigate these harms, in some countries through generous out-of-work benefits, targeted retraining services for job seekers, and disincentives for employers to lay workers off in the first place. But why is unemployment so persistent in capitalist societies? What does it mean for an individual to be unemployed? What can the US learn from other countries to better combat unemployment and reduce its socially damaging effects? Students will have the opportunity to with attorneys at Legal Assistance of Western New York to assist unemployed people experiencing legal problems or to conduct research on policy responses to unemployment.

Combined with: ILRID 6635, LAW 6635, PADM 5848

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